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Dust Collection System

Spray-Tech/Junair dust collection system units are designed to increase the quality of the air and reclaim the coating material used in industrial and commercial finishing processes. In our dust collection system, cylindrical cartridges are used to trap over spray from the powder delivery system and through the operation of a reverse pulse of air allows the excess powder to be discharged into a collection tray for reuse.


The cost-effectiveness of our dust collection system and equipment is provided by the ability filter air and reclaim a maximum amount of unused coating material. The dust collection system can be further enhanced by incorporating our patented industrial air movement and climate control systems.

Standard (Per-Unit) Features:

  • 12 Gauge Steel Cabinet Powder Coated White
  • Reverse Pulse Plumbing and Valves Standard
  • 6 Cartridge Filters – 99% Efficiency @ 0.5 Microns
  • 5 HP Backward Inclined Aluminum Blower
  • 1/4” Thick Steel Air Pressure Reservoir
  • 3 Cubic Foot Capacity Dust Storage Drawers
  • Our ETL-Listed High Efficiency LED Light Fixtures


Intuitive Control Panels:


Spray-Tech/Junair dust collection system control panels are user-friendly and can provide incredible control over every facet of your entire finishing process.

We design custom software that allows the user to accurately control aspects of the booth with extensive time, pressure, and frequency settings.

In designing our control panels for industrial use and dust collection, we make sure to keep the operator in mind. With over 20 years of experience in building complete finishing systems, you can be certain Spray-Tech/Junair control panels will be easy to use and improve your workflow.

Dust collection system control panels come standard with all required safety features and include a magnahelic gauge to let you know when to replace the filters on your system.


Upgrade to our touch-screen control panel and reap tremendous benefits


Spray-Tech/Junair’s controls go above and beyond traditional dust collecting capabilities. We have made developments to our controls to drastically reduce the amount of compressed air needed to operate our systems. Our smart pulsing technology helps to reserve energy by pulsing only when necessary. Thanks to this feature our dust collection systems can maintain the proper amount of static pressure, easier. This drastically cuts down on noise around the shop and also greatly extends filter life.


Included with our updated control panels is a smart shut-down feature. Many dust collection systems can emit dust on shut-down because static pressure is often cut abruptly, our smart shut-down feature gradually reduces static pressure after shut-down and maintains proper static pressure so the system is ready to begin operating immediately the next time it is turned on.

Dust Collection System Panels

Custom Designs are Always Available

Dust Collection System Self-Cleaning Filters Panels

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