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Automate Your Process with Spray-Tech/Junair

Spray-Tech/Junair helps companies automate much of their finishing processes. From spraying, coating, curing, dust collection and more, our automated systems can handle any finishing task.

For more than two decades, Spray-Tech/Junair has become a leading manufacturer of a wide variety of finishing equipment. You can rest assured that with our equipment your team will work more effectively and efficiently than ever before.


Complete Automation From The Ground Up

Spray-Tech/Junair is proud to manufacture all of our finishing equipment in the United States.

Spray-Tech/Junair has manufactured completely automated finishing systems that can accomplish any finishing task you have. You’ll find we have the tools and the know-how to build and engineer all sorts of equipment including environmental rooms, dust collectors and water wash exhausts.

We also build our own air make-up systems and industrial light fixtures, in-house, under the brand Mercury.

Mercury produces some of the best air make-up systems in the world. Nobody beats Mercury’s industrial LED light fixtures, made specifically for use in finishing applications.

Finishing Systems

Automated Finishing Systems

Taking You From Start to Finish

Spray-Tech/Junair likes to raise the bar when it comes to finishing technology. Our engineers carry years of expertise working on a variety of finishing processes and use their knowledge to design finishing systems that perform efficiently and operate with ease.

Everything from our control panels and advanced components, to our heaters and light fixtures, is produced in-house and designed from the ground up. Over the years Spray-Tech/Junair has developed finishing systems that withstand the test of time. Thanks to the fine attention to detail our team takes we have a familiarity with every finishing process and component down the line.

Built to Last

Spray-Tech/Junair employs fiber optic laser technology and precision CNC controlled fabrication equipment to ensure perfect alignment. All panels are squared robotically for superior fit and finish, allowing fast installations and years of unparalleled performance.

No matter what the application calls for — dust collecting, paint finishing, powder curing or completely clean enclosures — we take pride in our systems’ ability to achieve maximum throughput and efficiency, while remaining user-friendly and easily operable.

Pioneers in Finishing

At Spray-Tech/Junair we exercise lean manufacturing principles to ensure our systems use less energy and do their job more efficiently than the vast majority of systems you see on the market today.

This is something we believe in wholeheartedly. It is why our manufacturing facility has been able to offset the cost of our energy consumption by 99% by installing highly-efficient solar panels on our roof.


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Automated Finishing Systems

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