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Paint Spray Booth Enclosures

Paint Spray Booth Enclosures for All Application Types


Spray-Tech/Junair produces some of the world’s most efficient paint spray booth enclosures that deliver exceptional results while leading the industry in eco-friendly design. Our OSHA and NFPA compliant equipments are loaded with a host of innovative features that help professional painters achieve the best results possible in a safe environment. As a leading manufacturer of world-class finishing systems, we are committed to help your business achieve higher return on investment with great finishing.

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We started as a manufacturer of automotive paint booth systems, but expanded our product line to Aerospace, Truck, Industrial, and Table Top paint booths. When you choose us to cater to your finishing requirements, stay assured you will get systems with superior performance and unparalleled energy efficiency.

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World Class Automotive Spray Booths

Spray-Tech/Junair offers world class Junair series paint spray booths that are globally popular for their unmatched build quality and energy efficiency. These booths can move large amounts of air easily and equipped with easy-to-use, highly configurable interface. These are undoubtedly one of our most exquisite products well-known for their high production capacities.

The Best Quality Paint Booths You Can Get

For more than 2 decades, we have been offering world class industrial and automotive spray booths of the best quality in this industry. Our list of prestigious clients is getting longer with each day as we have earned their appreciation and respect due to the best quality finishing equipment we offer. For more information on spray booths, go through our FAQ section.

With a full range of highly innovative features like LED high output lighting; the best cabins in the industry with impeccable “fit and finish”, the latest in controller technology; and optimal energy efficiency at all levels, our automated paint spray booths will provide your professional painters an unmatched refinishing environment to produce results that will please you beyond imagination.



Aerospace Paint Spray Booths

Aerospace Paint Spray Booth Enclosures

We can solve large-scale problems with innovative solutions, that’s why the biggest names in aerospace work with Spray-Tech/Junair.

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Automotive Paint Spray Booth Upgrades

Get the most performance out of your automated spray booth with high-end add-ons that will greatly improve productivity and functionality. Add an air make-up system to your booth to improve your productivity and get more work done in less time. Add an exterior mixing room for safe paint storage and handling. If our extensive line of spray booth models doesn’t quite have the capabilities you’re looking for, Spray-Tech/Junair is happy to work with you to fulfill any and all of your finishing needs. Register now to get the latest updates and access downloadable brochures.

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