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Pneumatic Ramps

Project Description

When an above ground levac flooring system is required you now have the option of decreasing the spray booth footprint by adding pneumatic ramps to the basement. The pneumatic ramps are contained within the spray booth and are part of the actual basement structure. With our pneumatic ramp system, once the vehicle is driven into the booth, the operator sets the vehicle parking brake and raises the compressed air powered ramps to create a level surface. To lower the ramps the operator simply disengages the automatic safety system, releases the parking brake and removes the car from the booth.

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  • Provided are vehicle approach ramps longer than 9 feet in length
  • Allows for a gradual ascent into booth without the need for intrusive ramps that can occupy valuable floor space and create a hazard in your shop
  • Compressed Air Powered Ramps that are rated above 5,500 lbs
  • Automatic Safety System that locks the ramps in place should there be a compressed air failure
  • Provides years of worry free service

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