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Smart Air™ – Mobile Repair Unit

Project Description

Smart Air™ is a highly mobile, easy to use, at source extraction system designed to free up your spray booth and maximize your throughput. Spray Tech / Junair/Junair’s Smart air is a mobile painting system that is ideal for smaller spot repairs. Repairs can be refinished quickly, without the need for moving the vehicle or full masking.

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Smart Air™ (Standard):

Consist of:

  • Rolling Stand Mounted Hood
  • Hose system with Quick Disconnect
  • Smart Air™ Extraction Tower
  • Air Solenoid Valve for Spray Gun Connection
  • Pressure Regulator
  • View our Smart Air Overview video.

Smart Air™ IR (Infrared) – Addon for Smart Air™

Short Wave Infra-red curing system custom engineered for the Smart Air™ Infrared drying system.


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