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Table Top Paint Booths

The table top paint booth (or bench-top booth) can rightly be stated a workhorse of many colors. Its small size lends it a versatility that makes it a valuable asset for any industry. Easy to move, this extremely useful finishing system is useful for painting small equipments and parts.

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Built to the same exacting standards as all Spray-Tech/Junair booths, the small paint booth was conceived more than a decade ago as the perfect solution for all sorts of jobs where conventional exhaust ducting is either impractical or impossible to install. When the 42″ table top spray booth is used for painting, three pairs of filters are employed to effectively arrest air pollutants and return clean air to the workplace.


This Table Top Paint Booth is ETL Listed

Standard Features:

  • No ducting required, Small footprint
  • 3 stage filtration system for capturing air pollutants
  • Built with 18 Gauge, G90 galvanized steel construction
  • Easy Assembly, Can Be Shipped Assembled
  • Dual manometers to gauge filter condition
  • Arrests organic solvents
  • Powder Coating Optional
  • Floor stands sold seperately



42” (Single-Wide):
• Overall Dimensions: 42” W x 42” H x 42” D
• Working Dimensions: 38” W x 36.25” H x 28” D

84” (Double-Wide):
• Overall Dimensions: 84” W x 42” H x 42” D
• Working Dimensions: 80” W x 36.5” H x 28” D

Table Top Paint Booth

Small Paint Booth Filter Information:

Different types of filters are needed to properly operate the table top paint booth depending on whether or not you are using a ducted system. The high-efficiency paint arresting filters capture more than 99% of wet overspray and are followed by a stacked pair of woven pleated filters, which capture any residual wet or dry particles. These filter pairs are monitored with two manometers, which indicate when to change filters. The final pair of filters consists of high-grade activated carbon. Activated carbon filters are made with highly porous charcoal, which has the ability to arrest volatile organic compounds (VOCs), typically the evaporative petroleum products used in traditional paints and stains. The filtered air is then safely returned to the workplace. Need some help? Contact us and we will be glad to assist you!

Table Top Paint Booth Replacement Filters:

• Paint Arresting Filters [Case of 40]
• Pleated Filters [Case of 12]
• Carbon Filters [Case of 4]
Purchases on Replacement Filters are shipped
free when placing an order for a table top unit.

Other Filter Options

An optional HEPA filter may be added or substituted in place of the pleated and carbon filters. The HEPA filter is a large cube which can trap 99.97% of all particulates larger than 1 micron. For dry spray (dust and powder) operations it can be used without the carbon filters. The pleated filters may be retained, as desired, to prolong the life of the HEPA filter. In wet spray operations, the HEPA filter may be added as a fourth and final stage filter.


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